Suzanne and Scott

SC_Officiant Rev. Glynn Ferguson

Suzanne and Scott

Suzanne and Scott traveled from Nova Scotia to beautiful OrlandoFlorida to celebrate their 14th anniversary with a Valerie renewal. The couple contacted Intimate Weddings of Orlando and Connie walked him through the process of putting together a private yet beautiful Vow Renewal with their two children in attendance.
Amongst all the venues that they could’ve chosen, Suzanne and Scott chose Savannah Square in Celebration as the location to exchange their vows to re-commit themselves to each other as husband and wife.   With an esplanade of crêpe myrtle trees lining the pathway, Suzanne walked down the aisle with her son, to meet her husband and daughter for the renewal .Flowers By Lesley did an incredible job of putting together a beautiful bouquet and matching boutonniere for the couple.  The mauve colored roses with pomegranate tips just popped in the sunshine on that beautiful day.
Edmond with Rhodes Studios met a couple at the park and began taking photos as soon as they exited their car. From ceremony pictures to formal pictures with the family and around the park. Edmond made sure to catch everything that was special to them.
Rev, Glynn Ferguson, the owner of Sensational Ceremonies and an official Walt Disney World Wedding Officiant worked with Suzanne and Scott to create a beautiful custom ceremony that fit the two of them like a glove. It was both touching and heartfelt. The ceremony even involved their children. After the “I Dos”  were said the children brought Suzanne and Scott beautiful bracelets that they had created for them.
Rev. Ferguson also gave the two of them a homework assignment. Even though they had been married more than 14 years, he asked them to write and tell him why they love each other.
Suzanne wrote:  

We have been together 15 years and had many ups and downs but the past couple of years have really showed us how strong our love is and that we can get through anything!

Scott sacrifices everyday so that we have a good life – working away he misses so much but he does it solely to provide and allow me to be home with the kids! He works so hard for our family and has given us the best life!

Scott has a kind heart and is very selfless he always thinks of us first and our needs!

He always lends a hand to our family or friends and is there whenever anyone needs something fixed, anything with our vehicles, no matter what it is without hesitation he is there to help!

Scott is very loving and such a great dad to our children & they adore him Scott is generous & it shows in all the surprises he has for me (which are always better then I give him lol) He is getting to be more patient with me because I know sometimes I can be a lot  but he just goes along with whatever I plan with a smile on his face!

He truly loves us and would do anything in his power for us, I am so grateful that he chose me to be his person and I know the next 30 years will only be better! 
Scott wrote:  

I love Suzanne more now than when we first met. My love has grown over time and continues to grow. Our marriage has not been always easy with many rough patches that tested our comittment and love. Through it all I never wanted to make the easy choice and just run away, I knew this will take time and it will be worth it, and it did and it was. We have grown into a beautiful family with 2 of the most amazing children. Suzanne has given me exactly what I needed in a happy family and a comfortable home. She has become the reason for many of the things I do in my life. I find that I try harder and I give more to make sure my wife and family are looked after. I have not always been a good man and for that I apologize but with age, maturity and a everlasting love we have become one of the happiest families I know.

Suzanne is the reason I love, she is the most beautiful woman I know, she is my voice of reason. Without her I am nothing.
What an incredible day for Suzanne and Scott to celebrate their love.