Tara and Sean

SC_Officiant Lon Tosi

Tara and Sean

The Venue
A little town, on a quiet tree-lined corner, with a gurgling fountain! This is a scene from
Celebration the town that Disney built. Tara and Sean moved to the Orlando area from Oregon
to their new home in the Orlando area. They found Intimate Weddings of Orlando to manage
their elopement. Intimate Weddings of Orlando led them to their dream venue. And it
was indeed perfect!

The Ceremony
It was intimate. It was a custom ceremony that the couple had approved in advance. In
attendance were the photographer Edmund Rhodes, the officiant, Lon Tosi of Sensational
Ceremonies, and the Tara’s parents. During the ceremony the parents stood on either side of
the couple. The mother with Tara and the father with Sean to make a perfect balanced photo to
last forever. It was just perfect! The words spoke of Love, and Trust, Loyalty , Fidelity and
Friendship. It talked about the future and that their “adventure” had just begun. Tara and Sean
requested that Lon thank the parents for the love and guidance that they have and continue to
supply in ample measures. There were tears of joy in abundance. The end of the ceremony
featured the parents standing in front of the couple and Lon introducing to them and “The
World” the new married couple. A group hug followed with the parents, Tara and Sean all
hugging, as Edmund shot a wonderful photo to capture the moment. We can’t wait to see that
photo for certain!

The Vendors:
The officiant is the experienced Lon Tosi of Sensational Ceremonies. He worked with Tara and
Sean to create the perfect ceremony. Rhodes Studios Photography and Videography was the photographer. He brings nearly
20-years of experience to the table, and has produced many iconic photos over the years. We
can’t wait to see the catalog he produces for this intimate ceremony! Lesley Tweed of Flowers
by Lesley
provided the gorgeous red rose bouquet and single boutonniere of red. Very elegant.
The beauty to the boutonniere was that it was small so that it fit perfectly on Sean’s shirt
without flopping as some larger flowers sometimes do. And of course, thanks to Intimate
Weddings of Orlando for providing the support and communications along the way, and for
securing the amazing location for the wedding ceremony.
The couple was staying at the gorgeous Mystic Dunes Resort near the wedding site. That made
it all so convenient.
It all happened on a sunny morning in Orlando, Florida, just a few miles from the happiest place
on earth – the Walt Disney World Orlando Resort.

Sensational Ceremonies
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