William and Kayla

SC_Officiant Rev. Glynn Ferguson

William and Kayla

William and Kayla met when he came to interview for a job at Radisson hotel, and it was love at first sight. The couple dated off and on for a while and decided to get married at Disney’s Animal Kingdom resort in Orlando Florida.
There in front of the Tree of Life, with all of its vibrant colors, William and Kayla took their wedding vows, exchanged wedding rings, and became husband and wife. 
Emily, Disney Fairytale Weddings event planner worked with the two of them to make sure that every detail of their wedding day was planned to perfection. From choices with Flowers to decor to even the music that they would have at their ceremony, Disney Fairytale weddings brought the magic.

William and Kayla‘s photography and videography team led by Zhen Chen of Grid Vision LLC  and ANQIFILMS, followed the couple throughout the day. Capturing every moment from the tea service ceremony that they had with Kayla‘s parents that morning, all the way through the 10 PM ceremony in Animal Kingdom.

Rev, Glynn Ferguson, an official Walt Disney World wedding officiant, and the owner of Sensational Ceremonies, worked with a couple to make sure that every part of their ceremony fit them like a glove. From vowels that they had written for each other to touching ring valves, they had their fingerprints all over their ceremony. Rev Ferguson also gave the couple a little homework assignment. He asked them to write and tell him why they love each other.

William wrote:  From the moment our paths crossed, I knew she was the one for me. She has always inspired me to do great things and work hard, and that has transitioned into my daily life. She has an unparalleled ability to see the beauty in even the simplest of moments, reminding me to cherish the present and our love. Her unwavering support and belief in our journey together have filled my life with a sense of purpose, making every day a new adventure. But most of all, her smile, her laughter, and the way her eyes light up when we’re together remind me why I fell in love in the first place. I feel complete with her by my side, and my love for her will only grow stronger over time. I can’t wait to embark on this incredible journey of marriage together

Kayla wrote: There are many reasons why I love William. We shared a lot of common love to eat food and try restaurants. We always go out to eat Japanese ramen and sushi. Even though I wish he loved Hotpot he is not. We also share a lot in common on traveling to different places. We travel to so many places in the U.S.:  SF, LA, Miami, Orlando, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, Seattle, NY, and CT. We also love Japanese anime. It is hard to believe an American man will like anime so much and he has the soft heart to cry during some sad and emotional moments. He is an unusual American man that I have never seen before. Love to cook delicious food for me, support me at any time, save money from the bank, and try not to spend. I always remember when I fell in love with him cleaning my shoe when it got dirty by dog poop. I would throw away the shoe but he cleaned it. I believe if a man can do this for you that means he really loves you. I also remember when I first met him at the Radisson hotel my first impression, he was a very handsome man, and in my reaction he looked so handsome. I wish he could become my boyfriend. lol Maybe I was also at first sight in love with him. I am even now so surprised that I am with him. I also know he also protects me every time I walk on the street making sure there are no cars around me. He also gives me the best advice when I face work difficulty. He also takes care of our dog Obito very well like a son. I believe we are meant to be together and like soul mates!

What an amazing night it was for a beautiful wedding under the stars in front of the Tree of Life. William and Kayla were so much fun to work with, and we wish them their very own happily ever after.