Beautiful Morning

SC_Officiant Rev. Glynn Ferguson

Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful morning for Kailynn and Matthew to tie the knot at Paradise Cove in Orlando.  With the sun peeking through the morning clouds the couple gathered with their family and friends to repeat their vows, exchange wedding rings and become husband and wife.  Jasmine, with Paradise Cove made sure that every detail for the couple’s intimate wedding ceremony was absolutely perfect on this beautiful morning.  

Because there were family and friends that were not able to attend the beautiful morning ceremony in person, Kailynn and Matthew hired Omarvelous Productions to come and live stream the wedding.  

Rudy from Rudy and Marta Photography captured every moment of this beautiful morning ceremony.  From the arrival of the groom and the pinning of his boutonniere, the bride’s walk down the aisle, and then again as the newly married couple walked down the aisle as husband and wife, he photographed it all.

Amy with Blossoms Orlando really brought her A game to this intimate ceremony.  She crafted gorgeous floral decor for the arch and worked her magic again on the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere.  She made this beautiful morning wedding just spectacular.

Matthew and Kailynn worked with Rev. Glynn Ferguson, an official Walt Disney World Wedding Officiant and owner of Sensational Ceremonies, to create a custom ceremony for their beautiful morning wedding.  From a personalized greeting to their guests, to writing paragraphs telling why they love each other, the ceremony was uniquely their ceremony.

Kailynn wrote of Matthew:  From the moment we met for our first date around lake mirror, I knew the person in front of me was different. He was authentic, genuine. he put all of his cards on the table and was unafraid. His voice was comfortable and when he spoke it was always true to his heart. He was like an open book – with nothing and no reason to hide. I could have walked around that lake until the sun rose in the sky. When I got home that night, I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, with a dash of shock, and whispered “he’s the one”. It might seem silly but after that moment I felt an immense sense of calm. Now on this gorgeous day, I am here, feeling incredibly lucky for the journey we’ve traveled and excitement towards the adventure we have before us. The man before me is such a welcoming, loving soul. He has shown me what true love and companionship should be. Matthew is unafraid when I am terrified to my bones. He is strong when my knees begin to buckle. He is a smiling face when the day is too long. He is a warm embrace when the cold won’t fade. He is a piece of my heart and soul now and forever. Loving him is believing our future, our children, our hopes and our dreams. Matthew is the one to hold my hand day after day, through the muck and through the clouds. There is no other that will cradle my heart and soul such as Matthew does.

Matthew wrote of Kailynn:  When we first met on this epic quest my belief in love was a fleeting ember. You showed me that even an ember can light the way to a brighter tomorrow even on the darkest of days. You showed me that that same ember could be nourished into a fire and from that point consume me body, mind, and soul. Now I look back on our quest so far and find myself looking into the eyes of the woman I cherish most. We have walked through the high roads, and delved dungeons to which we both thought would never end but always we had eachother. We have stormed castles and taken keeps. We have laid siege to our pasts and grasped the most important victory, love. I am unsure what may lay In wait for us be it treasure untold, or a dragons maw but I would rather no one else stand at my side.

Congratulations on your beautiful morning wedding.  It was a perfect way to start your life together.