Collin and Caitlyn

SC_Officiant Rev. Glynn Ferguson

Collin and Caitlyn

Collin And Caitlyn decided if they wanted to get married and Florida they really weren’t sure of a location that would fit the two of them perfectly. The couple traveled from Maryland and asked Intimate Weddings of Orlando to help them to find the perfect location.

After a lot of questions, Collina and Caitlin decided that the Paddlefish package would be the perfect fit for them. On the third floor deck overlooking Village Lake the couple had a beautiful blue sky for their wedding day. 

Rev, Glynn Ferguson, an official Walt Disney World wedding officiant, and the owner of Sensational Ceremonies, worked with them to create a beautiful touching ceremony that fit the two of them perfectly. He actually gave Collin and Caitlyn a homework assignment right tell him why they love each other.

Collin wrote: Things I love about Caitlyn:

– how everything comes so effortlessly and easy

– I love how her attitude is like “a pit bull on a chain”

– how she would rather spend a night in together than a night out

– how she embraces every dream I have and supports me even on my worse days coming home from work

Caitlyn wrote: I love Collin because he excepts me for me and all the attitude that comes with me. I love that he challenges me and makes me want to be a better person for him and for us. I love how he can make me laugh and smile when I don’t want to. I love that he can be my calm no matter the situation. I love that he can make light and humor out of every situation even though that can also infuriate me! :). I love his heart and kindness and his strength and passion is admirable. But, what I love most about Collin is his love already for his unborn child and every trait she has because of him

When a couple has an intimate wedding ceremony, they can do things that they probably couldn’t afford otherwise. Caitlyn wanted two beautiful arrangements, filled with white roses on either side of the two. With more than 150 roses in them, they absolutely stunning and Flowers by Lesley made their dreams come true.    

Edmond, with Rhodes Studios made sure to get every moment of Collin and Caitlyn as they celebrated their magical day. Their walks down the aisle, ceremony, family, portraits, and even getaway in an Amphicar into village Lake.. Rhodes Studios captured it all for them to cherish for a lifetime. 

May your dreams come true and your days together be good and long upon the  earth.