Under the Oaks

Under the Oaks

Their Story and Venue

Adam and Amber had a beautiful wedding under the oaks at Club Lake Plantation in Apopka, Florida.  Living in the Central Florida area the couple wanted to escape to the country for their beautiful ceremony.  Under the canopy of live oak branches with a state bordering the venue you can often see deer and turkeys roaming the property.

Their Vendors

Clara with Bella Sposa Events did a fantastic job of helping the couple pull together a fantastic team for the wedding day under the oaks.  The Bella Sposa team worked tirelessly to make sure every detail was taken care of and everyone was thrilled with the results.Foodie Catering hit it out of the pak with delicious food from the appetizers to the main course and on to the desserts.  I promise No one left the wedding hungry.Alison with Penny Hawk Photography was the perfect fit for this location under the oaks.  Her style of natural light and capturing the couple in the moment turned out beautiful.  Her work allowed her to be present in every moment of the couple’s day without being the focus of the moment.Jennie with Our DJ Rocks really did a Fantastic job of taking care of all their music and audio needs.  From the beautiful ballads of the ceremony to keeping the place rockin’ on the dance floor, Jennie covered it all.  The Orlando Flower Market did a beautiful job of creating the floral for the bridal party and the reception that would go hand in glove with the party under the oaks.  With a bouquet of poppies, cedar, grasses, lambs ear, and red carnations it was stunning.Amber and Adam asked Rev. Glynn Ferguson an Orlando officiant and the owner of Sensational Ceremonies to officiate their custom ceremony under the oaks at Club Lake Plantation.  Rev. Ferguson gave the couple a homework assignment to write and tell him why they love each other.Adam wrote:  Why I Love Amber

One of the first times we went to dinner, I wondered where she was putting everything as I subtly watched her eat. I told her she eats like a baby dinosaur and she has been my baby dinosaur ever since.

We have a fun and energetic connection. We can have full conversations while brushing our teeth, speaking only in grunts…we know exactly what the other is saying. We have a playful banter that is genuinely fun. We hiss at each other (like an angry cat) for no reason other than its funny. We have conversations with our cat Kira, where we play both sides of the conversation. Kira’s responses are usuall y profanity laced and inappropriate. I don’t think I could do this with anyone else.

She knows all my quirks. She knows that if I am eating I am probably bored. She knows that I need to stay busy all the time. She knows that I am more balanced when I work out. She knows I am secretly okay with watching dancing with the stars with her rather than Monday night football. She knows I am my best self during the months of October through December.

She understands the importance of our growth as individuals as well as as a couple. She advocates for time with my friends just as much as for time us as a couple, because she knows it is therapeutic for me. My friends love her almost as much as I do.

She is a calming influence in my life. She knows how to turn my moods around. She makes me do things I think I don’t want to do because she knows that I will be happy I did them, and she is right. I am always glad.

Sometimes she looks at me in a certain way. She doesn’t know she’s doing it and I don’t tell her. But it always catches me off guard. It’s all in the eyes. So often we are stuck running in the hamster wheel of life. But when she looks at me that way, everything going on around disappears for a split second. And I immediately feel good inside. If I could bottle that look I would make a fortune.

She is my travel buddy, my life partner, my confidant, the future mother of our children. She is literally the best person I know. Thank God she is mine. Amber wrote:When Adam loves, he loves fully. I cherish the relationships he has with his family and his friends that have become his family. Over the last 6 years, those relationships have evolved to become “ours”. He welcomed me into a world full of love and laughter, and I am forever grateful for it.  Adam’s commitment and devotion to those he loves is just one of his amazing qualities.  This is especially shown through our beloved, although rotten, cat (Kira). The love he shows for Kira through the endless cuddles she barely tolerates, the lengthy conversations he has in which he provides both the human and cat perspective of the conversation, and dances he shares with her in the living room always make me laugh. If he can love our cat that much, the love for our children will be immeasurable. I just know he will be an incredible father.

Adam’s playful side is my favorite. The memories of him doing the British Crab and the Seahorse in random public places, enjoying all things Disney together, slip n sliding on frozen Bear Lake in Colorado, listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies immediately following Halloween, and singing a rhyming song about every mundane daily task always brings a smile to my face.

He gives the best cuddles.

He is so thoughtful and gives the best gifts. From Birthdays and Christmas’, to our engagement, I am lucky to receive the best presents! Adam, on the other hand, will never run out of socks.

Our relationship has helped me build a level of self-confidence I didn’t know existed. Despite my resistance at times, Adam has continually pushed me out of my comfort zone. From skiing trips, to zip lining a full kilometer at breakneck speed in Costa Rica, to navigating roundabouts in England, to scuba diving and most recently, tolerating my barely average ballroom dancing skills, all have given us memories that will last a lifetime.

Together we share a love of tea, Hobnobs, and really food in general, especially when paired with pants with expandable waist lines. Adam was, is, and always will be my baby dinosaur.Congratulation to the two of you.  We wish you happiness for a lifetime and laughter in your hearts.