Shawnell and Shaun

SC_Officiant Rev. Glynn Ferguson

Shawnell and Shaun

Shawnell and Shaun planned their destination wedding through Intimate Weddings of Orlando and then the pandemic hit.  The hitch in their plans lasted almost 2 years, as the groom was living in England and could not get back to the states.  

Fast forward to 2022 and Shawnell and Shaun rescheduled their wedding for Paddlefish at Disney Springs, in Orlando, Florida.  Victoria with Intimate Weddings of Orlando made sure every detail of their wedding package was taken care of and that it all went off flawless.

Jennie with Orlando Violin Music made sure the ceremony music for Shawnell and Shaun’s was absolutely perfect.  Their guests loved having the mixture of Disney music and classical music being performed.  

Edmund with Rhodes Studios Photography and Video was so charming.  Shawnell and Shaun loved working with him and his humor and way of working really put them at ease and allowed them to enjoy taking pictures with their family and friends throughout the ceremony and onward.

Rev. Glynn Ferguson, an official Walt Disney Wedding Officiant and owner of Sensational Ceremonies, worked with the couple from the first moment they booked their initial package all the way through the pandemic and into their wedding day.  The custom ceremony that he crafted was filled with both laughter and tears.  They personalized it with paragraphs that he had them write telling him why they love each other.

Shawnell wrote:  There’s not one set reason I love Shaun but many, so I will try to narrow it down. One, he’s my best friend. Since we first started as penpals way back in my senior year, there’s always been this connection between us that 11 years later is still going strong and growing. He’s straight forward, honest and tuned in to how I’m feeling. I’m always able to talk to him about everything and we listen to what the other has to say. When I’m right he will admit it and when I’m wrong, he will tell me that too. He’s a bit nerdy and reserved, especially around those he doesn’t know. Yet, he’s also a family man, supportive and not afraid to be himself. In other words, he’s my other half and I’m looking forward to continuing on life’s journey together.

Shaun wrote:  Hi i was asked to send a paragraph about why i love Shawnell. That is kind of hard to do. There’s many reasons why I love her.

but if i had to have a main one. it’s that she’s true to herself. She doesn’t lie or make herself out to be something she’s not and she doesn’t treat me like I’m something I’m not.

I love that fact I can be myself around her and not feel like I’m being judged on how i am or the way i do things.

And I love that when I mess up she tells me how and then says how i can go about sorting the mess out.

She’s my one true friend and love and i want to make her just as happy as she makes me

For their ceremony Shawnell and Shaun wanted a lot of beautiful flowers.  From rose petals down the aisles to flower girls basket, to bouquets and boutonnieres, Flowers by Lesley rocked this wedding.  Everything was beautiful and elegant.  Just the way they envisioned it.

Congratulations Shawnell and Shaun on a beautiful wedding!!!